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      Address:NO.62 Longxing North Road, Longtian Community, Kengzi, Pingshan New Area , Shenzhen, China


      Tel:(0755)28395982 ????(0755)89591621 ????(0755)89591531 (0755)89592651



      Splendid Industry co.,Ltd. is located in 38 Baoxi Road,Pingshan Liuhe Community, Pingshan New Area, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China . Our investment is $10 millions RMB and the factory area is 6,000m2. Our factory has over 450 employees.

      Since we set up the factory in 1998,we have been following the operating statement,Base on the humanity; Guided by the technology.We have developed ourselves as a scaled manufacturer and with good reputation in the rubber industry.Because of our strategy, Exceeding is the power;Quality is the only prodnct offered to our customer.We have earned the reliability of our domestic and oversea customers.

      Our main business focuses on the design,development,manufacture and the related molds developing of rubber products.We mainly produce gaskets,O-rings,and other rubber accessories.They are used for sealing valves of oil,air,and water or as the absorber.We also offer custom-made products,which are manufactured by the samples from our customers. Besides,we also made our products according to standards of AS568、DIN3771、JIS B2401、GB 2452.1、ISO3601 and so on.

      Our factory is fully equipped with Taiwan made CNC machines,rubber molding machines(200T ,300T, 500T),material mixers,ahd cutters.We also have several kinds of molds with different standards of O-rings and washers.We have been certified by 2002 editioned ISO/TS16949 in October 2003, Our water system products were certified to NSF/ Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components in 2007, and our products have been approved by TZW(KTW) and WRAS((Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) in year 2008.

      We hope that in the base of our advanced equipment and qualified employees,we can provide the best-qualified products to our customers all over the world and make everything perfect in the future to go beyond professions and ourselves.

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