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        About us

        Talent Concept

        Boway Alloy sticks to the corporate values of "morality?as?the?centralization,?innovation?as?the ?soul,?and?performance?as?the?pride”
        The Company is employee-oriented; it adopts the industry-leading PeopleSoft E-HR system to provide complete human resource management, create multi-dimensional employee profiles, integrate key data, improve management efficiency, build organization and post system, thus to further support talent strategy of the Company.

        Talent Selection

        Talent Utilization

        Talent Cultivation

        Talent Retention

        With the principles of “combining morality and ability”, “strict employment yet reasonable termination”, and ”hiring the suitable talent”, we have built up a recruitment system with internal recommendation and external recruitment channels, which enables to absorb qualified domestic and oversea talents.

        Boway talent utilization mechanism is based on fair competition and reflects the spirit of “morally-oriented, innovation-rooted and performance-honored.” It selects the superior and eliminates the inferior, promoting those with abilities and replacing those unqualified, trying to respect and recognize each employee, committing to creating a just, fair and open talent utilization system, and an equal, competitive, preferential environment.

        Lifelong education mechanism: learning is the starting point of employee progress, training is the foundation of enterprise development. Boway follows the principle of “simultaneous internal & external training” to carry out staff training and continuously improve staff value. Classified training is applied to employees, giving full play to the guiding force, exciting force and cohesive force of corporate culture. The Company advocates the concept of lifelong learning, builds learning type organization to continuously improve employee quality and give play to staff potentials. It attaches importance to employees with good moral quality, loyalty, sense of responsibility, good performance, innovative concept, strong gumption, spirit of utter devotion and teamwork.

        Through corporate culture guidance, internal selection & training, personal care & support, achievements sharing and other ways, Boway has created a great working environment with fair rewards and punishments which encourages staff to improve, relaxes the atmosphere and builds trust, ensures logistics, retaining and cultivating talents with competitive compensations & welfare, working conditions, training & career development opportunities, career development channel, good cultural atmosphere and long term incentive measures.

        Career Development

        Boway Alloy has established a complete position system and clear career development channels. The company helps employees to improve themselves by applying "Dual Channel" career development plans.

        Boway Learning Center

        Management Channel

        There are three career channels in Boway: skill channel for front-line employees, skill channel for R&D technicians and skill channel for logistics. Promotion route and related salary structure for each channel is defined in the perfect position system. At the same time, Boway has also set up an evaluation mechanism for these “career channels”. Job titles and grades are adjusted annually based on the evaluated results.

        Every year, employees who have outstanding performance and conform to the company's values are selected into the Potential Talents Pool in the “Management Channel”. Meanwhile, matching to the criteria of “Top Nine Leadership Skills”?in conducted; courses required for capacity improvement required to cultivate target positions are carefully selected, with training tutors and periods determined, during which periods the training progress and results are traced and evaluated. At the end of the training, once qualified, job titles or grades are adjusted accordingly.

        Training and Development

        Boway Alloy has always regarded talent cultivation and development as the core of corporate management.
        With the training system, it has adopted a variety of online and offline training methods and mechanisms for employee job transfer and rotation training to ensure talents cultivation and growth.

        Training methods:

        Boway Alloy carries out training activities in multiple ways, including internal training, external training, internal training by external employment, interaction, expansion and so on. It has established perfect internal training tutor team, covering manufacturing processes, technology, equipment, QC/QA, project management, lean production, and many other topics. In addition, according to the quality & effect of training courses, all existing internal tutors are assessed and ranked junior, middle, or senior level. Furthermore, perfect employee training system including company level training and department level training is established.

        Boway pays great attention to employee training and cultivation, basing itself on long-term development of corporate and joint growth with employees.

        Corporate-level training covers five major aspects:

        1. Training and Development System Based on Management System Requirements and State Regulations on Special Positions:

        The Company offers employees corresponding trainings according to the system requirements and state requirements on special jobs. Effect evaluation: the Company conducts evaluation on training quality and teaching effect of tutors for training session. Employees are encouraged to give feedback actively, so as to achieve the expected training results by interaction between tutors and the employees.

        3. New Employee Orientation and on-the-job Training Plan:

        Boway provides three levels of training for new employees. The first level of training includes?Boway history, corporate culture, rules,regulations and so on. The second and third level of training includes professional skills and knowledge on practical operation, safe production. After completing three levels of training, new employees could quickly get into their roles within the shortest time.

        5. Training and Development System Based on Strategic Development of the Company, Training Investigation & Analysis, and Department Promotion:

        The Company establishes perfect Annual Training Plan based on information such as strategic development of the Company, training investigation and so on, and incorporate it into monthly training plans.

        2. Training and Development System Based on “Management Trainees:

        Boway Alloy has established perfect training system for new “management trainees” to offer comprehensive training every year. The training program is conducted in three stages: concentrated training period, adaptation period and development period. Current state and dynamic state of all management trainees from different departments in their working and lives are traced and monitored in form of coaching and cultivation by departmental tutors.

        4. Training and Development System Based on Talent Cultivation and Development, Talent Echelon Construction:

        For employees in the Potential Talents Pool, after matching to the criteria of “Top Nine Leadership Skills”, courses to improve capacities required by the target position cultivation are extracted, as well as the position quality requirements and personal characteristics, systematic and targeted cultivation are conducted from aspects such as leadership, management knowledge, technical knowledge, professional skills and so on in forms of tutor coaching, internal and external training, as well as position rotation to help employees rapidly improve their capacities and realize self-worth.

        Learn more

        Employee life

        Learn more

        Job Opportunities

        Employees are the most important factor for success. Boway is committed to providing employees with the best environment to maximize their development and realize their personal values. Boway is a new starting point for your life, welcome to join!


        Boway Alloy


        • No.1777 East Yinzhou Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
        • service@bowayalloy.com
        • 400-9262-798
        • www.paupacazul.com

        Yunlong Manufacturing Base

        • Taiping Bridge, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou Dist., Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
        • service@bowayalloy.com

        Binhai Manufacturing Base

        • No.288 Honggang Rd., Yinzhou Economic Development Zone, Yinzhou Dist., Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.
        • service@bowayalloy.com

        Boviet Solar Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

        • B5, B6, Song Khe Industrial Zone, Noi Hoang District, Bac Giang province, Vietnam
        • market@boviet.com
        • 84-240-3766288
        • www.boviet.com

        Berkenhoff Herborn Manufacturing Base, Germany

        • Merkenbach plant, Rehmühle 1, 35745 Herborn, Germany
        • info@bedra.com
        • 49-277250020
        • www.bedra.com

        Heuchelheim Manufacturing Base, Germany

        • Berkenhoffstra?e 14 D35452 Heuchelheim, Germany
        • info@bedra.com
        • 49-641601-0
        • www.bedra.com

        Boway Deutschland GmbH

        • Sales and Customer Service, Rehmühle 1, 35745 Herborn, Germany
        • Info@boway.de
        • 49 2772 5002536
        • www.boway.de

        Boviet (U.S.) Co., Ltd

        • 2107 N 1st Street, Suite 550, San Jose, CA 95131
        • service@bowayalloy.com
        • 877-2532858
        • www.bovietsolarusa.com

        Canada Cooper Plating

        • 1150 Nicholson Road, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 9C4
        • sales@cooperplating.com joyce@cooperplating.com
        • (905) 830-4007
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