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        Precision Bar

        Boway Alloy owns world leading alloying and micro-structure regulation ability, It can ensure copper alloy’s uiformity, stability and reliability via high precision equipment, advanced online testing equipment and CNAS approved lab.

        Boway Alloy has developed 6 series copper alloy bars in more than 100 designations with high precision and high performance (high-strength high-conductivity alloy, high-conductivity free-cutting alloy, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy, lead-free environmentally-friendly free-cutting alloy, high-speed free-cutting alloy, high-precision malleable alloy).It possesses have the ability to design special mould and has about 10,000 kinds of special moulds in different shapes and specifications in stable supply, providing customer with reliable and efficient solutions.

        Products are applied in: automobile manufacturing, rail transit, shipbuilding, energy and power, engineering machinery, mining machinery, medical equipment, 5G communications, consumer electronics, new energy, high-voltage power transmission and transformation, continuously creating value for customers and boost the modern industrial development.

        • High-strength high-conductivity alloy

        • High-conductivity free-cutting alloy

        • Wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy

        • Lead-free environmentally-friendly free-cutting alloy

        • High-speed free-cutting alloy

        • High Precision Wrought alloy

        Product Details

          High-strength high-conductivity alloy

          High-strength high-conductivity alloy bars of Boway apply large tonnage vacuum casting and strict quality control management process, with the diameter and distribution of precipitated phase strictly controlled to ensure uniform and stable composition and structure. The typical product C18150 alloy has an HRB hardness up to above 85 with conductivity above 88%, suitable for high-speeding cold upsetting, and is wildly used in fields such as Intelligent terminal equipment, welding equipment, special motors (rail transit, power), medical equipment, steel industry, UHV power transmission and transformation and precision die-casting molds.

          High-conductivity free-cutting alloy

          The high-conductivity free-cutting alloy bars of Boway apply large tonnage hot extrusion process to ensure denser structure, stable performance and better uniformity. The typical product PW14500 has good machinability, arc resistance and corrosion resistance performance with conductivity higher than 85% IACS, reaching up to 93% IACS; the cutting efficiency of PW14500 alloy can reach 85% that of C36000. While turning, the chips are regular, not sticking to the tool. It is widely used in 5G communications, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, high-voltage electrical appliances, medical equipment, welding equipment and other industries.

          Wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy

          The wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy bar of alloy adopts independent innovative alloying process. All its performance indexes are at the advanced level in the industry. The typical product PWHT350 alloy has excellent characteristics such as high temperature fatigue resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic properties, and excellent processing performance. Its service performance far exceeds beryllium copper in specific applications. It is suitable for harsh working conditions requiring high-speed heavy-duty and so on. It can effectively resist load impact and severe wear. Copper-nickel-tin alloys are widely used in oil and gas drilling, mining machinery, high-temperature forming molds and other fields.

          Lead-free environmentally-friendly free-cutting alloy

          The lead-free environmentally-friendly free-cutting alloy series of Boway is listed in “key new products”, meeting EU and USA environmental protection standards such as NSF, LFGB and FDA. Its lead content is below 80ppm and cutting performance can reach 90% that of C36000, which can meet the high-speed CNC machining requirements, thus is widely used in consumer electronics, medical equipment, children's toys, smart homes, high-end hardware and sanitary ware and other industries that require ecological, environmental protection and sanitary safety.

          High-speed free-cutting alloy

          The high-speed free-cutting alloy of Boway is designed with Germany process. By using of high-purity raw materials, special casting technology, large-tonnage extrusion technology, it can achieve precise control of alloy composition, uniform and fine alloy micro-structure, good dimensional tolerance uniformity and high surface accuracy, as well as consistent machining results with longer tool service life, thus can meet high-speed CNC machining requirements. It is widely used in the automotive industry, 5G communications, refrigeration equipment, energy and power industries.

          High Precision Wrought alloy

          The high precision wrought alloy of Boway adopts high purity raw materials, industry-leading manufacturing equipment and strict quality control process to ensure stable and reliable product quality and product performance. It has excellent cold processing deformation performance, good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, which can meet the technical requirements of high speed cold upsetting, precision stamping and forging. It is mainly used in automobile industry, industrial equipment, electrics and electronics, glasses accessories, high-end sanitary ware, high-end lock and other fields.


          High strength and high conductivity alloy
          boway alloy designation
          American Standard European Standard Japan Standard Chinese Standard
          PWHC450 C18000 TNi2.4-0.6-0.5
          PWHC800 C18200 TCr1
          PWHC850 C18150 CW106C/CuCr1Zr TCr1-0.15
          PWHC900 C15000 CW120C/CuZr TZr0.15
          PWHC980 C11000 C1100 T2

          *DIN non-standardized materials ** EN Non-standardized materials

          High conductivity free cutting alloy
          boway alloy designation
          American Standard European Standard Japan Standard Chinese Standard
          PW49160 C19160 CuNi1Pb1P
          PW14500 C14500 CuTeP/CW118C TTe0.5

          *DIN non-standardized materials ** EN Non-standardized materials

          Lead-free environment-friendly free cutting alloy
          boway alloy designation
          American Standard European Standard Japan Standard Chinese Standard
          PW5800 CuZn42
          PW6000 CuZn40
          HBi59-1.5 C49250 C6801 HBi60-1.3
          PW49460 C49260 HBi60-1-0.05
          HSi59-0.5S C68350 HSi62-0.6

          *DIN non-standardized materials ** EN Non-standardized materials

          High speed free cutting alloy
          boway alloy designation
          American Standard European Standard Japan Standard Chinese Standard
          C3604 C38500 CW614N C3604 HPb58-3
          C36000 C36000 CuZn36Pb3/CW603N C3603 HPb62-3
          HPb59-1 C37710 CuZn39Pb1/CW611N C3771 HPb59-1

          *DIN non-standardized materials ** EN Non-standardized materials

          High precision wrought alloy
          boway alloy designation
          American Standard European Standard Japan Standard Chinese Standard
          H62 C27400 CuZn38 C2800 H62
          H65 C27000 CuZn36 C2700 H65
          H68 C26800 CuZn30 H68
          H70 C26000 CuZn30 C2600 H70

          *DIN non-standardized materials ** EN Non-standardized materials

        Product Packing

        Business Contacts

        If you have any questions about the Precision Bar,Please contact us!

        Business Contacts

        Contact:Wang Qinli



        Technical Engineer

        Contacts:Mei Jing


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