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        Copyright Statement

        Legal declaration

        Please read these terms and conditions carefully before browsing Boway Alloy site which includes information, software and related documents (depending on specific circumstances) to browse or download. By using the site or downloading data, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this statement. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use the site or download data from Boway Alloy website.

        Boway Alloy website is not to be modified by users. Due to network and computer system characteristics, continuous operation of Boway Alloy site does not imply undertaking of any obligations on the part of Boway Alloy.

        Exemption clause

        Boway Alloy does not guarantee that website information, including general description, is accurate and complete or that the reliability of the display or transmission of advice, opinion, statement, or other information is accurate or complete. Relevant risks arising from recommendations, comments, statements, memos or other information are borne by the user.

        Boway Alloy bears no liability for any errors or omissions on the website, and unilaterally retains the right to modify any or all information, products, programs, description, services or prices (if any) without informing users in advance. Product quality should therefore be confirmed by both parties in the event of any purchase.

        Boway Alloy website and information are only according to the facts provided, without any representation or warranty, and does not contain any specific purpose, implied warranty of merchantability, or non-infringement or adaptability guarantee. Certain permissions may be implied, however, so the above statement may or may not apply to you.

        Information security

        Boway Alloy website information, trademarks or other contents shall not be modified, copied, sold, leased, increased or used in other ways without prior written consent of Boway Alloy. The user should comply with all applicable confidentiality laws and the Boway Alloy online data privacy policy. In addition to this, unless provision is expressly granted, the user shall not enjoy any other rights or ask for the approval to enjoy any other rights. Any and all patents and licenses are expressly excluded from use.

        Choice of law

        The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this statement and the settlement of disputes shall specifically and exclusively apply Chinese laws.

        Boway Alloy


        • No.1777 East Yinzhou Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
        • service@bowayalloy.com
        • 400-9262-798
        • www.paupacazul.com

        Yunlong Manufacturing Base

        • Taiping Bridge, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou Dist., Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
        • service@bowayalloy.com

        Binhai Manufacturing Base

        • No.288 Honggang Rd., Yinzhou Economic Development Zone, Yinzhou Dist., Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.
        • service@bowayalloy.com

        Boviet Solar Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

        • B5, B6, Song Khe Industrial Zone, Noi Hoang District, Bac Giang province, Vietnam
        • market@boviet.com
        • 84-240-3766288
        • www.boviet.com

        Berkenhoff Herborn Manufacturing Base, Germany

        • Merkenbach plant, Rehmühle 1, 35745 Herborn, Germany
        • info@bedra.com
        • 49-277250020
        • www.bedra.com

        Heuchelheim Manufacturing Base, Germany

        • Berkenhoffstra?e 14 D35452 Heuchelheim, Germany
        • info@bedra.com
        • 49-641601-0
        • www.bedra.com

        Boway Deutschland GmbH

        • Sales and Customer Service, Rehmühle 1, 35745 Herborn, Germany
        • Info@boway.de
        • 49 2772 5002536
        • www.boway.de

        Boviet (U.S.) Co., Ltd

        • 2107 N 1st Street, Suite 550, San Jose, CA 95131
        • service@bowayalloy.com
        • 877-2532858
        • www.bovietsolarusa.com

        Canada Cooper Plating

        • 1150 Nicholson Road, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 9C4
        • sales@cooperplating.com joyce@cooperplating.com
        • (905) 830-4007
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