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        With insight into the development of global industrial development, Boway Alloy, taking R&D innovation, digital technology and corporate culture as the cornerstone, continuously integrates global resources and social technologies. It focuses on the innovation and development of alloy material industry, refines and strengthens the alloy industry by relying on existing industrial bases in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, and continuously develops higher performance and better quality products to meet clients’ needs.

        By digital transformation Boway Alloy builds a self-evolving digital corporate with continuous innovation capability, forges systems such as digital R&D, digital manufacturing, digital marketing, digital services and digital supply chain, so as to continuously improve market competitiveness of customers, create values for global clients, thus to become a trustworthy globe supplier.

        Social Welfare

        Boway has always been earnest and focusing on public welfare. It adheres to a philosophy of "enterprise development relies on the society, and enterprise achievements returns to the society.” It bears social responsibilities while developing the business, takes practical actions to solve difficulties for the poor and provide supports to local construction. “Boway Welfare Fund” was founded to support those who suffer from poverty, serious disease, or major economic loss. Till today, Boway Charity Fund has helped more than 300 people.times. Meanwhile, the “Boway Hope Primary School” donated by Boway has offered many kids a chance to receive education; the “Mother Care Fund” provides the warmth of maternal love to children; the “Five Waters Treatment” project builds a better home and ecological environment; Moreover, events such as donation to the China Green Carbon Fund and health care utilities also demonstrate the enthusiasm and undertaking of Boway towards public welfare, propagating more positive energies to the society.

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        Environmental Protection

        Healthy and Eco-friendly: Developing poisonless and harmless Products

        The nickel-free copper alloy developed by Boway is applied in glasses industry to reduce the harm caused by nickel-containing glasses as well as to minimize the risk of dermatitis and nasopharyngeal cancer; the lead-free brass developed has solved the problem of lead precipitation in products of electronic, telecommunication, home appliances, sanitary hardware and daily necessities, effectively reducing possible lead poisoning; Cr-Zr-Cu copper and other materials are developed high conductivity, high oxidation resistance and other properties to reduce energy consumption in the processing with.

        Energy-saving and cost-reducing: Promoting clean production

        Boway Alloy pays great attention to environmental protection and has been responding to the national call for energy saving and emission reduction for many years. In recent years, Boway has invested tens of millions of yuan for environmental?renovation of?production equipment and upgrade of environmental monitoring system. To build an eco-friendly enterprise, Boway has carried out environmental protection renovation and advocated clean production in Binhai and Yunlong factories. For the working mechanism, Boway has established a dynamic supervision?system,?increased the level of environmental self-checking/correction and internal audit?to achieve environmental and social benefits, reflecting social value of Boway, committing to promoting environmental?protection and sustainable development of the society.

        Advocating “Green Office Action”: Starts from Boway

        A survey of environmental protection in office shows that the large volume paper application has already become an important source of resource waste. For more than ten years, Boway has promoted modern office and developed a series of office software to replace paper communication; It promotes low energy-consumption office, paperless office, circular use and other measures, promotes energy saving and environmental protection initiatives, and started from itself to save resources and protect the environment.

        Boway Alloy


        • No.1777 East Yinzhou Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
        • service@bowayalloy.com
        • 400-9262-798
        • www.paupacazul.com

        Yunlong Manufacturing Base

        • Taiping Bridge, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou Dist., Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
        • service@bowayalloy.com

        Binhai Manufacturing Base

        • No.288 Honggang Rd., Yinzhou Economic Development Zone, Yinzhou Dist., Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.
        • service@bowayalloy.com

        Boviet Solar Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

        • B5, B6, Song Khe Industrial Zone, Noi Hoang District, Bac Giang province, Vietnam
        • market@boviet.com
        • 84-240-3766288
        • www.boviet.com

        Berkenhoff Herborn Manufacturing Base, Germany

        • Merkenbach plant, Rehmühle 1, 35745 Herborn, Germany
        • info@bedra.com
        • 49-277250020
        • www.bedra.com

        Heuchelheim Manufacturing Base, Germany

        • Berkenhoffstra?e 14 D35452 Heuchelheim, Germany
        • info@bedra.com
        • 49-641601-0
        • www.bedra.com

        Boway Deutschland GmbH

        • Sales and Customer Service, Rehmühle 1, 35745 Herborn, Germany
        • Info@boway.de
        • 49 2772 5002536
        • www.boway.de

        Boviet (U.S.) Co., Ltd

        • 2107 N 1st Street, Suite 550, San Jose, CA 95131
        • service@bowayalloy.com
        • 877-2532858
        • www.bovietsolarusa.com

        Canada Cooper Plating

        • 1150 Nicholson Road, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 9C4
        • sales@cooperplating.com joyce@cooperplating.com
        • (905) 830-4007
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