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        [Company News]Performance comparison of O type ring[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        SIL silicone rubber O ring: Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to atmospheric aging. Have very good insulation performance. But the tensile strength is lower than that of general rubber and is not oil r
        [Company News]The wide use of O type circle[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        O type rubber ring is suitable for hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, two ester series oil, gasoline, water, silicone grease, silicone oil and other media. Is the most widely used, the lowest cost of rubber seals. Not applicable t
        [Company News]Sealing ring mold maintenance[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        The maintenance work of the mold of the sealing ring, the good condition of the play, to ensure the quality of stamping parts, to avoid the occurrence of accidents, to extend its service life, to ensure the normal production. Has a very imp
        [Company News]The reason and prevention measures ...[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        Type O sealing ring design, improper use will accelerate the damage to the O type sealing ring, loss of sealing performance. The experiment shows that the design of each part of the sealing device is reasonable, the pressure is increased, a
        [Company News]Attention to the disassembly and assembly of...[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        Note on the disassembly and assembly of rubber O ring mould 1 mold handling, pay attention to the upper and lower die (or die) in mold shaped hands (a walking mode, the other hand die), stably handling, handle with care. 2 mold disassembly
        [Company News]History of rubber O - type rubber[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        In 1736, details of the French scientist Kang Damin back to the rubber tree from Peru, published the "South American mainland travel notes on", the book describes the use of methods and rubber collection of rubber tree origin, lat
        [Company News]Basic properties of O type sealing ring[ 09/26, 2016 ]
        The O-ring is a kind of synthetic rubber by the copolymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile and preparation of sealing ring. Is oil resistant (especially nitrile rubber alkane oil) and aging resistant synthetic rubber with good performa
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