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      History of rubber O - type rubber

      Source: SPLENDID RUBBER PRODUCTS(SHEN ZHEN)CO.,LTD Click: Pubdate: 09/26, 2016 15:45:54
      In 1736, details of the French scientist Kang Damin back to the rubber tree from Peru, published the "South American mainland travel notes on", the book describes the use of methods and rubber collection of rubber tree origin, latex, attracted the attention of people.
      In 1763, the French invented the solvent to soften the rubber.
      In 1888, the British Deng Lubian invented the car,
      In 1895 began producing cars, the rise of the auto industry, the more aroused the huge demand for rubber, rubber prices will soar. In 1897, Singapore Botanic Garden director Huang He invented the rubber tree continuous tapping method, which greatly improve the yield of rubber. As a result, the wild rubber tree has become an important economic crop in a large area.
      In 1493, the great Spanish explorer Columbo led the team first arrived on the continent. Here, the children and youth saw the Indians playing a game, singing the song to each other throwing a ball, the ball landed after very high rebound, such as pinch in the hands will feel sticky, and have a smoke. The Spaniard also saw the Indians see the liquid on the surface of some white thick clothes, these clothes do not rain rain; the white thick liquid daub on the foot, rain water does not wet feet. As a result, the Spanish preliminary understanding of the rubber elasticity and water resistance, but did not really understand the source of rubber.
      In 1693, French scientists Lacan saw the natives in South America to play the ball, the scientists and the military thinking and vision is different, this kind of investigation that go into the whys and wherefores of the ball, the ball is cut a thick liquid called "Indian rubber tree" and out of the lack of manufacturing. In 1876, the British Wickham a close call 70 thousand grain rubber seed, collected from the Amazon jungle, sent to the Royal Botanic Garden in London Qiu cultivation, and then shipped to Singapore, Rubber Seedlings of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, West Asia and other planting and success. To 2004, the world's artificial cultivation of natural rubber has been 128 years of history.
      In 1904, Yunnan Chinese dry Cliff (now Yingjiang county) Dao Anren Dai Tusi from Singapore to buy 8000 strains of rubber seedlings, home grown in latitude 24 degrees Yingjiang County of Yunnan Province, Lantau Peak City, is the only one.
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