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      Attention to the disassembly and assembly of...

      Source: SPLENDID RUBBER PRODUCTS(SHEN ZHEN)CO.,LTD Click: Pubdate: 09/26, 2016 15:47:32

      Attention to the disassembly and assembly of rubber O ring mold

      Note on the disassembly and assembly of rubber O ring mould
      1 mold handling, pay attention to the upper and lower die (or die) in mold shaped hands (a walking mode, the other hand die), stably handling, handle with care.
      2 mold disassembly work must be checked before the tool is normal, and the operation rules of safe operation by hand tools, pay attention to the correct use of tools.
      3 assembly and disassembly of the mold, we should first understand the working performance of the mold, the basic structure and the importance of the various parts, according to the order of disassembly.
      4, remove the crowbar to use copper mold, to the correct position, the strength should be appropriate.
      5 when using a screwdriver:
      A. screw driver can not be too thin is too narrow, so as not to screw slide.
      B. shall not take parts and components in the hand with a screwdriver and screw.
      C. screwdriver is not available or the copper hammer hammer handle, so as to avoid the crack.
      D. can not be used when a screwdriver.
      Keywords: Attention to the disassembly a
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