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      Some views on the type of rubber sealing ring

      Source: SPLENDID RUBBER PRODUCTS(SHEN ZHEN)CO.,LTD Click: Pubdate: 09/26, 2016 15:42:59
      We all know that the rapid expansion of China's car industry, has created a high performance rubber sealing ring seal no amount of shopping malls, cars, construction machinery, imported equipment, such as repair shopping malls also have the same amount of potential. However, Shuangfeng mall did not hold the golden sun, facing the double pressure, the gap to survive the national industry and not with the protuberances in some sites often see this phenomenon, some engineering machinery due to machine seal failure, operating floor toilet often; and in the streets, many vehicle is also. A piece of oil. Compared with similar foreign products, this operation often makes people feel guilty.
      The distance is more than that, the high efficiency of foreign companies is a few times in the country. Production staff of international famous rubber seal company in the United States - Parker Hannifin Corporation only 90 people, annual sales reached $10 million. And most of the company's sales in China are still missing. From the planning point of view, Royden Beck is a 150 year history of the clan company in the world with 82 production factories, 93 of the sale of the company, the group has 28479 employees, in 2004 the output value of 4 billion euros, 1 billion euros in seal. From a technical point of view, is equipped with a new production of foreign oil seal leakage test sensor seal; and spindle integrated seal and labyrinth seal against the interests of the pneumatic sealing is also available; together, U type rubber spring type +V which can be used in combination with 45MPa hydraulic pressure system variseal type etc. the seal is popular. These sophisticated products can seal occupy large segments of high-end shopping malls.
      In contrast, due to the backward technology, domestic rubber sealing ring products can only try to get a slice of the low-end shopping center. Not only that, the company also teeter national survival gap. On the one hand, foreign companies attacked domestic shopping malls, national companies have been very serious pressure; on the other hand, foreign companies use the host the advantages of joint ventures set up barriers against national products to expand the national industry, Chinese block.
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